Simply put, the Academy was born out of a desire to continue to move forward during these demanding times. Training at the Academy centers on developing practical, effective skills. To that end, Webinars concentrate on hand and footwork in the context of full contact swordplay tested cut combinations. We don’t teach forms, we focus on tried and true application. Practitioners from a wide spectrums for traditions, Xingyiquan, Baimei, Wing Chun, Baguazhang, Taijiquan, Tanglangquan, and others, as well as non-Chinese traditions, train at the Academy. We look forward to training with you.

Founded in 1984, Great River Taoist Center is 35 years strong. Chinese Swordsmanship is not the latest fad for us, it is a three decade passion. Center director, Scott M. Rodell, is a well know leader in the rebirth of the art being the first practitioner to practice test cutting with Chinese swords since imperial times. Along side his years of experience in historical swordplay and training under acknowledged masters, Rodell has penned nine books on Chinese Martial Arts. These include several translations of classic sword manuals.