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Learning Chinese Swordsmanship Online

Scott M. Rodell is a martial artist, author, and teacher of Yang style Taijiquan. He is an internationally recognized expert of Chinese historical swordsmanship.

Best known for his work reviving Chinese Historical Swordsmanship, he is widely considered the father of the renaissance of this art.  Rodell travels frequently to Europe, across the US and to Australia and Canada to lead seminars. 


Having handled over 3000 antique swords his expertise is often called upon by museums and collectors around the world.  He is regularly featured in media including the hit Youtube series "Man At Arms: Reforged".

Author of 10 books, his writing is required reading for anyone looking to return to the original way of the Chinese sword.

Scott Rodell's webinar series are great.  I was surprised how well on-line learning works in this context.  Scott is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the Chinese sword, and he's very clear in his instruction.  He talks you through each cut and deflection, and shows the techniques from all angles.  It's as good as being there.

Laura Montgomery

In my profession I am always looking  for inspiration in creating original choreography that’s rooted in authentic real world Martial Arts. Part Martial Arts Teacher, part Historian, Laoshi Scott Rodell’s unique and highly effective teaching style has been invaluable in gaining insights to authentic Chinese Swordsmanship and now he has made his classes accessible on the internet through his Online Academy of Chinese Swordsmanship.

Tig Fong, Stunt/Fight Coordinator

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